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Our team is made up of people that are dedicated and passionate about teaching critical care echo and ultrasound in the clinical setting


Hannah Conway

Course Director

Hannah was born and raised in Birmingham and has been working in the NHS for 20+ years.  Hannah entered into the world of Advanced Practice in 2011, during which time she gained BSE Level 2 TTE accreditation, as well as performing formal TOE.

She has brought her bubbly personality and her specialist echocardiography skills and experience to Leicester as an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner in 2015.  During this time, she became a key echo educator in the department and has since trained 100's of staff, both face to face and remotely.  She is a BSE accredited FUSIC Supervisor, BSE examiner and holds a seat on FUSIC committee and Intensive Care Society Council. Hannah enjoys teaching ultrasound on courses and conferences nationally and internationally.

She is currently Associate Professor of Advanced Clinical Practice, at the University of Nottingham and represents Advanced Practice nationally at a strategic level.


Gary Lau

Course Director

Gary grew up to Toronto, Canada and spent his formative years conforming to cultural stereotypes, which explains why he was accused of 'echo trophy collecting' by his boss.  At one time he held all the possible TOE accreditations: BSE, EACTA, and the NBE Advanced PTEeXAM® Board Certification.

He is a cardiothoracic anaesthetist and intensivist and has been TOE and TTE trained at both Glenfield in Leicester and St Mike's in Toronto.  He is a BSE accredited FICE supervisor, a BSE TOE supervisor and accreditation assessor, EACTA supervisor, and EDEC (ESICM) supervisor.  His educational roles in Leicester include being the Echo Education Lead and the ICU Echo Fellowship Director. 


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Thanks for your interest in our courses. For more information, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon!

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College Court Conference Centre

College Court Conference Centre & Hotel

Knighton Road,



College Court hosts our FUSIC and Advanced Echo courses. Our courses never have more than 10 candidates and you will be taught directly by expert faculty. Advanced echo training with pathology will be demonstrated using Intelligent Ultrasound's Heartworks and Bodyworks simulators.

The conference centre is close to the City Centre with easy transport links and free on-site parking. For those who wish to stay overnight, there are hotel rooms available.


The National Space Centre

Exploration Dr

Leicester's National Space Centre is our new venue where we will be teaching our FUSIC and Advanced Echo courses beginning in October 2020. 

The Space Centre provides a unique backdrop for our course. It has the UK’s largest planetarium, and has a stunning 42m high Rocket Tower.


Why don't you take a look around the Centre before you go home after the course?

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