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What is FUSIC?

FUSIC is the amalgamation of FICE and CUSIC ultrasound accreditations. This will allow for candidates to develop a personalised modular ultrasound training programme that is fit for their clinical and educational needs.

In addition to modules in echo, lung, abdomen and vascular, there will be additional modules that will be released shortly by the Intensive Care Society. We at g&h CritCareEcho have already started our 'Beyond FICE' courses that focuses on advanced haemodynamics in critical care, including measuring cardiac output, advanced LV and RV assessment, and the assessment of left-sided valvular pathology. This is in line with the proposed FICE+ syllabus and the BSE Level 1 accreditation.

Our next 'Beyond FICE' course is being held at College Court Conference Centre on the 3rd of February 2020. There are only a few places left so book now to avoid disappointment!

If you have started your FICE and CUSIC accreditation programmes, this change will not affect you. Please continue to collect your cases for your logbook and submit the required documents following your triggered assessment.

We will continue to provide FICE and CUSIC courses in current format for 2020. If you are particularly interested in a specific module, please contact us at and we can try and tailor a group programme specific to your needs!

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