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New Echo and Ultrasound Remote Mentoring Packages!

Are you…

· Thinking about pursuing an echocardiography or ultrasound accreditation but lack regular access to 1:1 mentoring and support?

· Part way through your accreditation but lost momentum due to lack of continued mentor support?

· Returning to a previous attempt at accreditation, need a refresher and support to succeed this time round?

We appreciate that the pandemic has presented multiple issues with delivery of medical education and in particular completion of accreditations such as FUSIC and BSE. Regular access to mentors and supervisors within clinical areas, even before the pandemic, further limits this. One solution to this is remote mentoring!

We have been delivering remote mentoring in various forms for the last 5 years and have helped multiple candidates achieve their accreditation.

Designed to support you through your chosen accreditation, you will work with our expert (ICS FUSIC committee member, BSE examiner and FUSIC/FAMUS/BSE Level 1 supervisor) on a 1:1 basis. The package is entirely customised to suit your situation, offering a mix of 1:1 review sessions, tutorials and live scan capabilities should you be the owner of the Philips Lumify handheld device.

Using the innovative REACTS telementoring software, we will be able to interactively review your scans and teach on aspects of echocardiography and ultrasound; you will be granted subscription to this software as part of your package fee.

Once we have accomplished your designated logbook cases, we can arrange your trigger or practical assessment in order to complete the accreditation process!

For the cost of a standard package, you will receive:

· 1 x initial meeting to plan and customise your package

· 4 x review sessions using REACTS software

· 1 x tutorial session to cover your chosen aspect of echocardiography or ultrasound

· Additional review and tutorial sessions can be added for a fee

Interested? Get in touch with us on for further details!

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