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First successful FICE Outreach course!

We have come back from our first FICE Outreach course in Hull where they wanted to train their department in FICE. There were 6 ACCPs and 3 Consultants from their Intensive Care Team that attended.

Not only did we run a course at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill hospital, we also managed to mentor their first 10 supervised scans.

Day 1: we will run a FICE course in your department (for up to 10 people) so that you can begin the process of the FICE accreditation

Day 2: we will mentor you and your team through your supervised cases!

Beyond that we will provide a remote mentoring package (if you have no available mentors in your area) to guide you through the remainder of the process. As an additional option, we can come to you to perform the final trigger assessment if you do not have a FICE supervisor in your area that can sign you off.

Please contact us if you are interested getting your team FICE +ve!

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