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Post Pandemic g&h course changes

If you are registered to attend a g&h FUSIC course, you will have already received an email update to inform you of changes made to the course to make it compliant with social distancing measures. But for those of you who are considering registering for a future course - here are the key changes we have made:

Smaller groups and faculty (we already do this! 2 faculty and a maximum of 10 candidates)

Large room to allow for social distancing

Well ventilated room opening out into the outdoor area, where you can relax during regular breaks

Compact lectures

Hands- on sessions on simulators only

PPE required - masks, hand sanitiser and cleaning products supplied

Venue fully compliant with government social distancing measures

Track and trace system in situ, ensuring no symptomatic candidates attend

We have worked hard to ensure non of the above detracts from the experience of the course and we look forward to having you

Stay safe


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