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New Beyond FICE Course

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Want to learn more than FICE? Then our new Beyond FICE course may be for you!

This course is based on both eFICE, launched in 2017 and the new BSE Level 1 accreditation.

Our course is aimed at practitioners who have already achieved their FICE accreditation and want to progress their knowledge and skills in critical care echo. This will provide training in intermediate echo, and to build a great knowledge and skills base for those who are are also looking to tackle the BSE level 1 echocardiography accreditation. As our faculty have experience in both we can provide you invaluable insight into both accreditations.

We are running our first Beyond FICE course on Monday 8th April 2019. You will be taught by our expert faculty who have years of experience teaching and practising critical care echocardiography.

Our goal remains the same: to teach high level echo in small groups to enhance the learning experience.

Email us to register your interest and we will be opening the booking page soon!

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